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Story-focused wedding films

All throughout my childhood, I documented moments through video. My Canon Elura 100 went everywhere I went. I have always loved to replay and relive those moments over and over again.


Now that I have (mostly) grown up, it has become my passion to help others capture the special moments in their lives. 

Unlike many wedding media companies, I edit all of the footage I shoot so that the feeling of being there isn't lost. I focus on story. The couple's love story & the story of the wedding day, expressed verbally in speeches and non-verbally in expressions. I believe that's what sets my work apart: prioritizing the people first and everything else a close second.

Capturing a memory may sound like a simple task, but my goal is greater than that. I want people to experience your beautiful day as if they were there, even if they never were. I look forward to capturing the magic of your wedding day and helping you relive it for years to come. I will capture more than what your eyes see, to relive what your heart feels.

Take a look at the pricing info on the contact page and if you have any further questions, please send me a message. I will get back to you within 48 hours, pinky promise. 

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