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The Wedding Film LUT Pack

The Wedding Film LUT Pack

We've all been there. Wasting time and money on a LUT pack with "8,000+ LOOKS AND EFFECTS" only to realize... they're all crap.


So I decided to cut through the crap and provide the only LUTs you'll ever need for your wedding films. These looks have been in progress since I began shooting and editing wedding films in the summer of 2012, and I'm happy to share them with the world. 


These LUTs are inspired by the timeless Fuji Eterna and Kodak Vision3 film stocks and are designed to keep skin tones looking pristine and give your wedding films an unmistakable, yet subtle, polished film look.

In this pack, you will get the following 5 LUTs:

  1. Tungsten - Natural
  2. Tungsten - Cinematic
  3. Palladium - Natural
  4. Palladium - Cinematic
  5. Stainless - B&W


I designed these for wide dynamic range profiles (HLG profiles in Sony cameras, Wide DR profile in Canon cameras, Extended Video profile in BMPCC, etc.), but they can be used with any type of footage. Just add your desired amount of contrast and saturation under the LUT layer and tweak the intensity of the LUT to your liking.

    $29.97 Regular Price
    $14.99Sale Price
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